Shree's London Marathon 2018

I am writing this story to raise awareness about the wonderful work the Royal London Hospital
(and NHS) is doing across the country.

Eight years back, my daughter Shreerupa (pictured next to my wife and myself) was born
prematurely with a body tiny enough to fit in my palm. It was a battle between life and death,
survival and permanent disability. The team of Doctors, Nurses and staff at the Neonatal
department of the Royal London Hospital fought relentlessly to give her a chance to survive and
thrive as any other child. Eight years on, it is difficult to even tell what she has gone through
thanks to the brave and informed choices and actions of the staff at the Royal London Hospital.

We all have our stories of frustration with the NHS and I am no different. But it is important to
recognize the dedication, patience and super-human devotion Hospital staff show every single
day of their career and the difference it makes to the lives of thousands of people.

I ran my first ever Marathon to highlight the efforts of the Neonatal department at The Royal
London Hospital in a poor area like Whitechapel. The money raised is to be used for buying
equipment for the premature babies.