September 2022 - Grants Awarded

Sarah Gardiner and Olwen Cowen submitted an application for help towards the cost of refurbishment and new furnishings for the parents emergency rooms and the interview room on the unit.

On PCCU we have always had 2 parents rooms to make sure that any families that are admitted in the night can rest and be near their child. Although they were always clean and functional they were never comfortable, restful or pleasant rooms to be in. The extraordinary donation from The Friends of The Royal London Hospital has allowed us to create a homely, peaceful place for families to stay overnight and a space during the day for staff to have a quiet space to talk. The plants and soft colours and decor look beautiful. We really appreciate the fund raising efforts that you do in order to support patients, their families and the staff that care for them.

Olwen Cowen
Matron for Paediatric Critical Care and the deteriorating Patient