Presentation of Long Service Awards - 21st June 2024

Long service awards were presented to Mavis Bullwinkle and Stanley Padmore in recognition of their long and valuable contributions to The Friends. The presentations were made during a scheduled event in the Music Programme when pianist Christopher Knox Oakley from The Royal College Music returned to play again. Professor Trecor Beedham, Richard Gardner, Jean Robinson, Tosh Denholm and Neil Fletcher from The Friends were all in attendance.

Mavis Bullwinkle

Mavis Bullwinkle was born at The London Hospital in 1932. Her family home was in Whitechapel and she her sister attended Sir John Cass School in Aldgate. They were both evacuated along with the rest of the school to Buckinghamshire during the 2nd World War – a period Mavis remembers well with warm feelings and much respect towards the teachers who went with them.

After school Mavis worked in the Almoner’s Office at The London which went on to become the Social Work Department. She worked there for 40 years until she retired in 1993. Mavis worked for various social workers including Grace Dedman, Principal Social Worker who was also a Friend and who died in 2022.

Following retirement Mavis was immediately “catapulted” into running the Friends’ office in John Harrison House by Grace Dedman. Mavis did this with great diligence and humour until Covid struck in 2020 and the office became out of bounds.

Mavis still lives in Whitechapel and walked over the hospital for the presentation. At the age of 92 her 30 years of service deserve to be marked and she delighted to be presented with her framed certificate by Jean Robinson.   


Stanley Padmore

Stan came to The Royal London Hospital on the closure of The London Chest Hospital where he had already given 12 years’ service on the shop trolley there. Stan was motivated by the wish to “give back” to the Chest Hospital following treatment he received there after he had a stroke and a successful subsequent bypass operation. Stan used to do a shop trolley round every weekday morning before work. At that time Stan was employed by Tower Hamlets in the Housing Department where he was known for his “Knowledge” of all the streets in the borough, as good as any taxi driver.

In October 2014 Stan came to The Royal London Hospital and was “recruited” by Honor Cousens. Honor was especially pleased to have Stan on the Trolley team, not only for his positive personality and keenness for the role but also because he brought his trolley with him! From 2014 until Covid struck, Stan did his trolley rounds 2-3 times a week and those of the trolley team who worked with him found him totally reliable and dependable in every way, with a lovely manner with the patients and staff. He was always cheerful with a great sense of humour and even today patients sometimes ask after him and wish him well. 

Stan was delighted to be presented with his framed certificate by Richard Gardner.

So Mavis and Stan, The Friends would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for all the time you both gave so willingly to serve the hospital and its patients. Thank you!