November 2021 - Grants for Bookcases

It has been a journey since the first bookcase renovated in 12D to the ones installed in 12C and 14F. I am so grateful to The Friends of The Royal London for helping us out in the project and funding us.
As a big book reader, my aim is to encourage patients to read more whilst in hospital, but also prevent  boredom in the wards as time in hospital can be very long sometimes. With all the COVID restrictions patients can’t see their families and friends as much as before, so I just wanted to find something to help them in a productive way.

I would like to thank Que (Instagram) who was my partner in the project and without who it wouldn’t have been possible. He founded a book community called dope readers (instagram) and worked with publishers to get books donated.
I hope we can all work together again to bring mor books into the hospital to improve patients’ wellbeing.

Lucie Emery
Photos Courtesy Derek Yeboah