Meetings by Electronic, Telephone and other Modalities

Following the advice from the Charity Commission; ‘Holding meetings online or by telephone; (Guidance to help with running your charity during the corona virus COVID-19 outbreak), Published 7 April 2020 Last updated 29 September 2020’; 

The Committee is mindful that:-

No amendments can be made to the governing document of the Friends of the Royal London Hospital without approval at the AGM. 

 There are no clauses in the governing document to permit or to preclude virtual meetings or the use of telephone facilities or other modalities to conduct meetings. 

In consequence;

The Committee has Resolved to use virtual meeting modalities for Committee meetings and for the AGM (pending final approval at the AGM). 

In particular:-

  • Meetings may be held by phone / video or other electronic means
  • Committee & General Members have the right to vote, electronically, or by other means (such as by post)
  • Committee & AGM Decisions, and where necessary the votes of the eligible, will be recorded and will be binding
  1. This is in accord with the temporary amendments in the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 which also applies to exempt charities that are community benefit or friendly societies. The temporary amendments were extended from 30 September to 30 December 2020.

The Resolution will be reviewed if the advice from the Charity Commission changes.

11th November 2020.

Professor Trevor Beedham: President  & Trustee

Judith Walker MBE: Co-Chair & Trustee

Jean Robinson: Co-Chair & Trustee