March 2023 - Friends Music Project

March 2023 has seen the very successful launch of The Music Project. Regular live music events have been scheduled to take place in the Atrium in the main Whitechapel reception area of the hospital near the outpatient pharmacy and the café. The location has a piano donated by the family of Prof David Ritchie, former professor of surgery and the musicians perform in this area. A variety of music (both instrumental and vocal and of different genres) has been presented on various instruments  by a diverse group of performers. The programme has included students from Queen Mary University, hospital staff and recently a patient. The events are usually scheduled twice weekly around midday and usually last for 1-2 hours. Performers are happy to interact with patients, staff and visitors in a relaxed atmosphere. Patients and visitors as well as staff are intrigued and respond positively with many stopping to listen and commenting on the therapeutic value of music. The standards have been extremely high and we have been fortunate to have had support from many gifted and willing and enthusiastic musicians.

The project has been led by Trevor Beedham with support from Richard Gardner. If you would like to know more or have any suggestions please contact the President of The Friends, Prof Trevor Beedham on or alternatively the Friends email     

Dr Lewis Caplin with Professor Trevor Beedham and Richard Gardner

Sisyphus Quartet