Music Project

The glass & steel structure of the Royal London Hospital is impressive but it only exists to provide a haven for those needing medical care. For those using the hospital, kind words are valuable but because of language difficulties they may not be effective. According to Hans Christian Anderson ‘When words fail music speaks’. So, when the Friends offered to underwrite a music project the Royal London Hospital Board was enthusiastic. Kenny Hanlon, the Director of Estates & Facilities, Nancy Whiskin, the Head of Volunteering and Richard Gardner, the Friends’ Treasurer provided practical help. The volunteer musicians come from patients, hospital staff, medical & dental students, alumni, QMUL, the music colleges, local institutions and choirs. The musicians who contribute are listed on the monthly programmes. If you might like to contribute please contact: Prof.Trevor Beedham. Email:

Current Programme: February 2024

Previous Programmes:

2024 -  January 2024

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Music Project